Thomas Merton NYC
Book Reading & Discussion Group

The purposes of this group are twofold. Firstly, it is to provide clarification of Merton’s thought upon matters spiritual, social and literary. The second purpose is closely aligned in that with such close reading and discussion the participants may grow apostolic (contemplatives in action) and interiorly (Christian discipleship).

The group, open to members only, will be reading three books by Merton within our nine-month Chapter “season”. A single book will be read and discussed within a three-month period. Guided questions and supplementary reading will be provided to aid the participants in deepening their insights into Merton’s thought.

Reading & Discussion Group Leader

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Bryon Gordon is a poet, spiritual director, and a retired educator of thirty years. He has been a member of Thomas Merton NYC for close to a decade. He lives in Manhattan with his beloved wife, Martia and his nimble ballerina daughter, Mara Estelle.

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2017-2018 Reading Group Book Selections

Fall, 2017

New Seeds of Contemplation

Meeting Dates: 


Winter, 2018

Seeds of Destruction

Meeting Dates:


Spring, 2018

The Nonviolent Alternative

Meeting Dates:

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